Transfer Certificate


Classes III-V

For classes III-V there are 2 types of assessments, i.e., Internal Assessment and Annual Exam. Internal Assessment comprises 3 periodic tests, Multiple Assessment (observation, oral tests, individual or group work, class discussion, field-work, concept maps, graphic organizers, visual representation etc.), Portfolio and Subject Enrichment activities.

Out of 3 periodic tests, best 2 are taken for consideration and given weightage 5, Multiple Assessment 5, Portfolio 5 and Subject Enrichment 5 and Annual Exam 80.

The grades are provided on 3 point scale (A-C) for co-curricular areas, i.e, Work Education, Art Education, Health & Physical Education and Discipline.

For classes III to V the promotions are made as directed by RTE Act.

*As per RTE Amendment Act 2019, there shall be a regular examination in the FIFTH class and in the EIGHTH class at the end of every academic year and if a child fails, he shall be given additional instruction and granted opportunity for re-examination within a period of two months from the date of declaration of the result. The school may hold back a child in the fifth class or in the eighth class or in both classes, if he fails in the re-examination.