Transfer Certificate



1. Counselling :- A full time Counsellor helps and guides the students on one to one basis about their expectations, performances problems and their solutions. The teachers and parents also take her guidance in the matter of children's attitudes, approach to life, doubts and problems. She also can guide in matter of choice of subjects suited to the aptitude.
2. Smart Classes :- All the sections of classes VI to X are equipped with (a) Projector (b) Interactive White Boards and (c) necessary software for .all the three languages, mathematics, science and social studies. Other classes can take advantage of this system in Audiovisual room.
3. Computer Education :- Computer awareness / Computer literacy programme is available to the students of classes III-XII Computer Science may be opted as an elective subject, in classes XI & XII and as an additional subject in classes IX & X. For the purpose of computer education the institution has acquired 19 Computers with coloured monitor, mouse and two printers.
4. Audio - Visual Room :- A large TV set, VCR, LCD Projector, PC, Educational Software -Eureka, Geometer, educational Videofilms, and an OHP in the Audio-visual room now gives reality, vividness and clarity to the learning situation to the students as well as to the teachers.