Transfer Certificate


School Rules

1. Students should be regular and punctual in attending the school.
2. Students should not remain absent from school without permission. Parents should send a written application for leave. If a student remains absent continuously for ten days without an application or permission, his/her name is likely to be struck off the rolls. Re-admission will then be at the discretion of the Principal.
3. Tuition fees are accepted online in four instalments i.e. in April, July, October and January respectively.
4. All school dues should be paid latest by the 10th day of these months. Defaulters will be required to pay late fee @ Re. 5/- per day, if the fees are not received by the 30th of the respective month, the names of defaulters will be struck off the rolls
5. Parents should not visit any class or interview a teacher or Counselor except after seeking the approval of the Principal. Parents can meet the Principal on all working days, after taking prior appointment.
6. Teachers of this school do not accept private tuitions. Please do not approach the Principal for permission.
7. Please do not send the child to the school with valuables or jewelry.
8. If parents want their children to come home early for some pressing reason, they should make a written request to that effect and must make proper arrangement to take them home.
9. A student suffering from any contagious / infectious disease should not be sent to school, till the student is free from the infection. This is essential not only for the health of the recovered patient but also for the health of classmate who may fear catching the infection. It is suggested that the medical officer should certify that not only the child is fully recovered but he/she is also not infective.
10. If a child has any health problem and needs specific care, the parent should make certain to inform the class teacher and games teacher
11. The environment at home should be in keeping with the school principles. Please do not frighten the child in any manner. Try to give straight forward answers to questions put by the child.
12. The Progress Report Card is designed primarily to apprise the parent of the student’s progress. It should be signed and returned immediately
13. The parents should check the hand books of junior students everyday for home assignment or messages, if any; they should see these off and on in the case of senior students.
14. In case a student is not able to adjust himself/herself to the school environment he/she will be required to leave the school. A student repeating for the third year in the same class will not be able to continue in this school.
15. Students are required to keep their Hand Book with them, all the time.
16. Students are expected to complete the work allotted to them in time. Work submitted late may not be corrected
17. Neatness in writing and work of quality are essential. Untidy work will not be accepted.
18. Students should speak in English in the school.
19. Student must be in uniform when they come to school at all occasions
20. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school campus.
21. Students must not carry electronic gadget such as camera, i- Pod etc. in any case unless a written permission is obtained from the principal.
22. No one is allowed to miss assembly and this is strictly followed even during tests and examinations.
23. Violence in the school campus such as pushing, swearing, shoving, biting, hitting and kicking each other is unacceptable, even if done for fun. Physical assault will be dealt with severely, even by suspension. It is very important for parents to discuss this policy with their children. The school needs parental support in this endeavour.
24. Whenever parents/guardians come to the school to meet their wards, they must visit the reception and take prior permission. Parents are advised not to meet their wards at an unauthorized place or time.
25. Students shall come to the reception office to make a phone call if they are sick after informing the class teacher.
26. Discriminating against or providing any special privilege for student on the ground of caste, creed, language, place of origin, social and cultural background or any of them is strictly prohibited.
27. A minimum of 75% attendance is required for being eligible to appear for the Annual / Final exam.
28. Identity card : In order to ensure security and safety of the students, they are being given an identity card. It is compulsory for the students to wear the card on the campus. The card carries all details of a student.