Transfer Certificate


Co-Curricular Activities

1.Physical Education & Games :- Apart from Marching, Athletics, Callisthenics, Yoga and Self defence activities, major games like Football, Hand ball, Basketball, Kho-Kho, Volley ball, Badminton and Cricket are also played.
2.Work Experience :- The students from class V & above learn many of the following optional activities (i) Embroidery, (ii) Making Decorative Pieces (iii) Flower Making and (iv) Clay Work. They have Mandatory Activities under the following heads : (i) Health & Hygiene, (ii) Food, (iii) Shelter, (iv) Recreation /Celebration, (v) Clothing and (vi) Community Service.
3.Art Education :- The students learn (a) Visual Arts through Drawing and Painting and (b) Performing Arts through (i) Vocal Music (ii) Instrumental Music and (iii) Dance.
4.Co-curricular Activities :- Students are offered the following programmes :

* Creative Writing

* Craft Work

* Debate

* Dance

* Dramatics

* Drawing and Painting

* Essay Writing

* Hobby Clubs

* Music Instrumental

* News Reading

* Quiz

* Science

* Vocal Music/Veda Chanting.